Cured Meats


Ham and shoulder

“ Whoever doesn’t carry the sack, doesn’t know how much it weighs ”

We are dedicated to the artisanal production of hams and shoulders in all their Iberian versions:

Black seal:

Acorn-fed pig, 100% Iberian breed

Red seal

Acorn-fed pig, 50% Iberian breed

Green seal

Range-fed pig, 75% or 50% Iberian breed

White seal

Fodder-fed, 50% Iberian breed

100% Iberian breed, Acorn-fed ham

50% Iberian Breed, Acorn-fed Ham

Range-fed ham, 75% or 50% Iberian breed

Acorn-fed, range-fed and fodder-fed hand-cut ham

Fodder-fed ham, 50% Iberian Breed

Gran Reserva Ham

100% Iberian Acorn-fed Shoulder


Range-fed Shoulder 75% or 50% Iberian Breed

Fodder-fed Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed


There are several factors that influence the quality of the ham and shoulder.

  1. A good selection of Iberian pigs raised in compliance with all Animal Welfare Certificates.
  2. Just the right amount of salt, continually carrying out analysis of the chloride content in the pieces, avoiding possible alterations resulting from the unquestionable increase in temperatures.
  3. Let time take care of the rest, with a curing process ranging from 24 months for the fodder-fed pieces to 48 months for the pieces of 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham, which in their last phase of maturation, rest in warehouses in complete darkness and free of all noise.


Cold Meats

“ The younger you learn, the later you forget ”

Selecting the best lean Iberian pork, the Chorizo and Salchichón are made following the TFR (Traditional Family Recipe) inherited from Nuestro Maestro Charcutero, in its versions of Salamanca “cular” cold meats and typical “sarta” or “longaniza” (long pork sausage), both in Bellota and in fodder-fed Iberian, allergen-free.

Cular de Salamanca, stuffed in natural pork casing for Chorizo and Salchichón culars, both in Bellota and Cebo.

Longaniza or string of Chorizo and Salchichón, stuffed in natural beef casing, in its Acorn-fed and Fodder-fed versions.

Allergen-Free Iberian Cular Chorizo

Allergen-free Iberian cular salchichón

Allergen-free Iberian Chorizo Longaniza

Allergen-free Iberian Salchichón Longaniza

*All our sausages are made allergen-free.

Loin and tenderloin

The Loin is one of the noblest parts of the Iberian Pig, which is why it must be handled with care. It starts by eliminating all the covering fat in it’s cutting to show your best cut once marinated.

Its natural curing process must be slow to ensure that the piece is uniform along its entire length, otherwise it can become “grooved”, which would worsen its external appearance.

The lomito is considered one of the best parts of the pig and once marinated and stuffed it becomes one of the best Iberian experiences. It is a piece that is part of the head, what we call “Presa” in the frozen cut. When cut, like the loin, they present some infiltrated fat betas very characteristic of the Iberian Pig.

 Both are presented in their versions of Bellota, Cebo de Campo and Cebo Ibérico.


Iberian Acorn-Fed Loin 50% Iberian Breed

Range-fed Loin 50% and 75% Iberian Breed

Fodder-fed Loin 50% Iberian Breed

100% Iberian Acorn-fed Loin

Iberian Meat


Both the Iberian pork belly with its characteristic beta and lean coating, as well as the very thick bacon, are part of the Salted Ibérico family.

Salted Iberian Pork Belly

Salted Iberian Bacon